Omnilink protocol integration

Hello everyone, I am new to Hubitat Elevation, I have an Omni IIe from HAI (currently Leviton) that I would like to integrate into Hubitat, in order to obtain information from the motion detectors and the main door sensor (which are wired to Omni IIe) and take it to Hubitat for use in Rule Machine. The Omni IIe uses a communication protocol called OmniLink via LAN. Could someone tell me how the integration could begin?

OmniLink Protocol

Thank you!

This does not look like an HTTP protocol. It uses TCP/IP but through a custom message string, like HL7 or ASTM. You're not going to be able to integrate with Hubitat without a "man-in-the-middle" to decode the messages for you. You can see that described in the document you linked to:

The Ethernet Frame, IP Header, and TCP Header merely provide the standardized information required by the network infrastructure (routers, etc.) to transport Omni-Link II application-level packets between client and controller. The actual controller transaction requests and responses are contained in the Omni-Link II application-level packet. The structure and interpretation of the Omni-Link II application-level packet is described in the following paragraphs

Sorry but it looks like you're out of luck to integrate with Hubitat unless there is some type of "middleman" doing the actual communication for you.

Hi @Ryan780, thank you for your response and time, I was hoping that a direct integration could be made. I am going to look for a solution maybe with OmniLinkBridge, like the one proposed by @mike10 in HAI Omnipro Driver Code.