Older Alarm Panel Key Fob Interface

Wondering if anyone has an idea how to accomplish this... I have an older wired alarm that I have kept active with paid monitoring in paralel to my Hubitat environment.

I recently purchased a Konnected Pro in the hopes I could remotely work my old alarm with it... As it turns out, the panel needs to be able to accept a key switch, and mine does not...

My setup is pretty cool though as I am sharing devices both ways with the Konnected panel which has made both systems more robust...

My panel does have a wirelss receiver and key fobs which allow arming and disarming. I'm wondering if there is a way to hack something together so my Hubitat cold emulate the key fobs?

Obviously there would need to be some hardware involved and/or physically hacking the fob...

Anyway, I figure someone must have tried something similar... :slight_smile:

What brand and model is the alarm panel?

@lewis.heidrick BHS-4000a...

Using this to program it and a Konnected board for the interface... But from reading through the service manual, and working with the developer who built this tool, there doesn't appear to be a way to do it using the Konnected board or similar...

The key fobs work, so my thought was somehow using that device and connect it through HE.

I don't know enough about it to say one way or the other. On a Vista panel with the Envisalink I can bring in wireless devices, keyfobs included and do with them as I want.

You may be able to hack together something but alarm panel boards are pretty cheap and at some point the time invested and cost of doodads to get it to do what you want may outway the cost to just get the right stuff.

yeah the vista panels seem to have a lot more options... so i thought about getting all Frankenstein and opening up a key fob, mounting it in a project box and then using relays to "fake" button presses...

i'm way better with the hardware manipulation than figuring out a software way...

i also thought about "faking" the key fob with something like the ir blaster... i know they use different technology, but for purposes of that argument it was a thought for a minute.

Alarm panel keyfobs use rolling codes and would probably be hard to spoof without the actual hardware.

I was really excited about getting a few of these but manufacturing delays changed my mind to find something else. I came across the Envisalink boards and glad I swapped. Returned my order and ended up saving about 300 bucks in the process. Being able to bring in wireless zones and not needing a keyswitch zone sealed the deal for me.

ok, so they are like garage door openers... makes sense for the security part... yeah, i'm still using adt for monitoring so i'm not quite sure what they would do/say if i tried to replace it with something else. its really all just redundant as I run HSM in parallel. i just like having multiple redundant systems for everything... :crazy_face:

If your not under contract I have dual report monitoring for 24 bucks a month. About half I was paying with ADT if you dont count all the pulse and camera stuff.

Actually just checked and it was $20.95 per month.

i'll prolly have to look into something else... I pay by the year so I'm good for a while with ADT unfortunately... :frowning:

Before I looked into integrating the alarm system I tried out the Vivint stuff. They came in and made a mess of my alarm panel with their takeover module. It looked like a 2 year old went in there and was having a great time. So bad that I decided to rip it all out and do it myself and just eat the cost of canceling.

I split out each sensor to its own zone and ran them to a din rail or to a zone expander.

That looks great! I have contemplated replacing my unit... I'm gonna play with the key fob a bit and if that doesn't work out, I might just do it...

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