Old rule to new rule help

So I had a rule under RM 3.0 that was setup with a define rule. 11pm-5am it would look for no motion on certain motion sensors then turn things off if no motion.

Now that everything is based off a trigger. This isn’t working because people may go to bed earlier then 11pm. So now the trigger rule of motion change on those motion sensors may not happen because everyone is in bed already....

Any ideas how to do this ?

Trigger is just used to activate the rule. That why you set it to "changed". You set the conditions to what you want. So for example, you want it something to happen when there's no motion, you can use the motion sensor for trigger changed, and then in your conditional acitons you would do something like IF motion sensor inactive - THEN turn things off

And then if you want, you put in an ELSE statement and have it do something else if the motion sensor is active. You can also examine another condition with ELSE-IF and then do another action based on that.

Just remember to finish the conditional actions with END-IF