Old ADT system integration?

So I am now on the fence about switching from ST (not a huge fan of the $100+ price difference, but the Echo Speaks change is a big thing for me). I have an old ADT system with wireless sensors that would be nice to use. Anything like Konnected for wireless?


I just transitioned from a Vera Lite to HE. With that I used an Ademco AD2USB interface board. It worked well but wasn't going to be easy, as far as I could tell, to integrate into the HE. I ended up buying an EyezOn EVL-4EZR. It integrates beautifully into my HE using the custom app. I've only had my Hubitat for a day so I haven't had a chance to test everything but it seems to do everything I wanted and more. I've got wired and wireless sensors and the Hubitat sees them all. It worked out easier and better than I would have thought.

Edit: For what it's worth, my mainboard is a VISTA-20P.

ADT has a broad range of products in the field so you should be more specific in your question. I have an ADY Pulse system with wireless sensors and I can connect it to Google Home where I can't interact with it, nor do I see status.
With Alexa, I can arm/disarm the system by voice but, again, nothing shows up as a device in HE.
The protocol with my devices is encrypted because ADT doesn't want to have to deal with failures caused by connected, non-ADT, equipment. Pretty much a walled garden as far as I can see.
It would be nice if someone could correct me.