Ok to sell used HE hub here?


May be looking to sell mine. Is this permitted on these forums?


I've seen people still things here, but not the hub, so not exactly sure about that.
Curious, why your leaving, find something better?


Be sure to factory reset it before sending so the recipient receives the best on-boarding experience. Http://hub.ip/resetHub (capital H matters; password is the last four of your hubs mac address printed on the label.)


Not better but maybe better for me (us... wife included). The simplicity of smartthings and its app are pulling us back. Dont really need the advanced automation so much.


I’m in need of another hub, how much are you asking?


Andrew2's in Canada. Maybe the next time you're in Ontario..... :slight_smile:




How much? I need another one as well. Dual citizen here.


I am in Toronto, please pm me to discuss further.