OK to keep both user and built-in versions of Kasa app?

First of all, much gratitude to djgutheinz for writing the Kasa app integration in the first place!

This week my closet motion rule stopped working. After all the troubleshooting it pointed towards the Kasa app. I dug around and learned about the built-in version, installed it, rediscovered my devices and all is good now.

But when I tried to remove the user version of the app it warned me that I would lose all my device definitions. Yikes, no.

Sorry if this was already addressed somewhere else. I tried to find something in vain -- but which app am I using if both are installed, and when can I remove the user version?


Dave and HE Support Staff can likely respond with more detail than I can, but I would suggest looking at the options for replacing devices where they are used.

I don't even see the user created Kasa app. When I click on his link, the page is no longer available.

When you look at your "apps" page in your dashboard, do you have two instances of "Kasa Integration"? Are their any noticeable differences in the naming convention? Can you please post a screenshot of the "Apps" page from your dashboard?

I use the built-in kasa integration with no issues. But I never installed a user created version.


I've been running the user-created version since it first came out and it was working fine. But this week I could no longer communicate with my Kasa devices. That's when I discovered the built-in. I rescanned with the built-in which resolved my problem. But when I tried to remove the user version I got a scary warning.

The only difference I see between the two is the HS300 warning on top of the built-in.

If the new app has a different storage area and it the version actually running then in theory I could remove the user app despite the warning? Just don't want to take the chance without hearing from people who are smarter than i :nerd_face:

The user app will actually be the most current version (or the same as the system app), that is if you keep it updated correctly which can sometimes be the struggle for people. The system app is basically just a selected stable version (which they update from time to time) of the user created app in cooperation with the author.

When you installed the system app did it create all new devices or did it link up to the existing one? If it created all new devices you should be safe the remove the user app along with the childs. You may need to adjust any apps to point to the new devices one by one before removing the user app.

Based on the IP address it looks like it linked to the existing ones. I'm still afraid...

And I thought I remember seeing somewhere that the User version is deprecated?

You would be able to easily tell, it either created all new devices, so you would have duplicates of every device, or it used the existing devices.

No dups. I'll just leave them both for now and see what happens with the next refreshes.

Thanks for your help!

Then the child devices are probably all attached to the user app still.
You may need to manually update the code for the user app, the last couple of versions caused some issues with HPM updated but the dev got it sorted out now. Thats one advantage of the system app.

I think if you did the system app "migration" and then you reboot the hub afterwards the childs will re-attach to the user app, it was a known issue and they possibly have disabled the migration option since it was not working.

If you can get the user app working right again, then you could probably remove the system app.

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