Offline Rule edits

Is there a way to edit or create rules then import them into Rule Machine 4.0? It would be easier to create the main body of some of the rules in Notepad++ or some other editor.


Not yet, but I think they might be working on something for a future release.

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As stated above, no--you have to use the editor. On the bright side, it stops you from making most types of syntax errors. :slight_smile: (You can, of course, still do plenty to mess up, like forgetting an END for some block.)

Unlike the above, I haven't heard staff mention anywhere that they are considering anything else for RM at this point. They have hinted that they're open to reworking the way app UIs in general work (they didn't really invent the current model; it is nearly exactly compatible with that of SmartThings, and that is certainly no accident given Rule Machine was originally written for that platform and the founding staff is mostly or all ST refugees, to say nothing of how attractive this is for potential users and developers). Rule Machine could be part of that at some point, but even there I recall them saying it wouldn't be the first.

There are some things you can do to reduce complexities in rules if you feel like you're writing a lot. If you're coming from webCoRE, for instance, you may be tempted to cram everything you can into one rule, but there's no reason to do so if multiple rules would be easier. (You can pause/resume one rule from another or run one rule's actions from another, effectively, "triggering" that rule, for example.) Just some ideas that might help in the meantime!

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IIRC, it was in one of the hub slowdown threads that Bruce made mention of being able to take in Groovy and create rule apps from it. Might have been completely theoretical, but it sounded like both he and Mike were working on something.