Offline/Online in App Notifications

Some drivers misusing the presence attribute to show the "health status of the device (present or not present on the network). In this case we can use Notifications to notify if a device becomes Present or Not Present.

Some developers are starting to use the attribute "healthStatus" (online/offline) to monitor the devices, this makes much more sense to indicate a device becomes off or online. Is it possible to add this to Notifications?
Something like this


This is a custom/non-standard attribute, so I can't imagine it being catered to in a stock app in this way (though only the developer could really speak specifically to this request--just seems unlikely to me).

In the meantime, there are several community options that can do what you want, as well as other built-in options. I'm not sure if any others are still being maintained, but one of them is mine if you are not familiar: [RELEASE] Device Activity Check - Get notifications for "inactive" devices.

If you prefer something built-in, a Rule with a "custom attribute" trigger can do what you're looking for with this Notifier instance. (And, in fact, my custom app isn't exactly the same--it doesn't subscribe to any attributes but rather just checks the attribute or device metadata, depending on your configuration, in response to the schedule or whatever "triggers" you have set up.)


Notifications is really easy, I receive an instant message "offline or online" with the name of the device, not easy with RM if you have lots of devices, the %device% name in the message is also not working for me.

Yes I know your app, nice, but I want to receive a message the moment the device becomes offline or/and if it becomes online again....

Could you show your rule that's not working?

There is a HealthStatus device capability. Perhaps this could be added as a new attribute of that capability? Plus the notification modifications also requested.


Yes it works via RM, (I had done a test via run actions, but the %device% was then (NULL), an interpretation error of me) but to quote @bravenel "Rule Machine is more like a Swiss Army knife: It can do just about anything, but isn't the tool to use for everything. Other apps are often better suited"

I think it would make more sense to do it via Notifications

I don't disagree and wasn't implying that RM is a better fit for this use-case. I was only curious about the %device% variable not working.

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I have also setup an RM rule and I get a instant notification when a device is offline.
It would be great if an notifier app existed as per OP as the RM rule is tedious and only acts as a notifier to alert via pushover that a device is offline. I then view Device Health status app to review which app is actually offline.



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