Offline Devices - Shouldn't there be more of an indicator?

I've been doing some renovation work in my house recently, which made my fire alarms go off. So I popped the batteries out. But I was surprised that when I looked at my dashboard, I could still see the battery status and whether or not the state of the device was "clear". The same is true when accessing this information through the API.

So that caught me by surprise. Shouldn't there be a bit more to it? Like, shouldn't I see that the battery status can't possibly be up to date, since the device has been turned off for 2 weeks? I see that there is a "last battery report" indicator on the device, but does Hubitat not use that for anything?


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It would be helpful, yes.

But in some other threads where this has been discussed, staff explained that it’s harder than it might seem to have the hub address the issue of “device health” in a consistent and accurate way.

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Take a look at the Device Watchdog app by @bptworld. Not what you're looking for in terms of updating existing dashboard tiles but still very useful at solving the root problem - devices stop reporting.


Or this.