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Today something happened to me, the power went out, and when I entered the house my window sensors did not work, when I have a UPS for the hub and for my internet, my question is, could it be because those sensors are connected to a repeater to light and that's why they didn't give status? because when the power came back on they were already working, thanks friends.

If a repeaters removed from a mesh, devices that were running through it will look for a new route. The exact time required to do so probably varies on the device and the number of repeaters that have gone away.

Since you would have lost all your Zigbee repeaters when you lost power, that does seem like a reasonable explanation why your sensors weren't reporting until you got power back and your repeaters were back online.

I have looked at the devices connected directly to the hub, I have removed the light, and those do not respond either, I do not understand why it happens, if I remove the general one from the house, that happens to me, the same as if I remove the light one, on the other hand, the one with the plugs does. Quito is still working tldo @marktheknife @

Yes, this sounds like the explanation, as @danabw mentioned.

No, I think I have not been understood, if I remove the general light in my house, I have looked at devices connected directly to the hub, and they do not work either, so it is not a mesh issue, it is a hub issue, something is wrong. evil. because it is not normal, the devices are supposed to work

I don't understand the claim being made above. What is the "general light"? Is this a light bulb, which is acting as a repeater/router in your Zigbee network? If so, with or without a power outage, that can be problematic on its own (possibly better with a power outage :slight_smile: ). What is the brand and model of that device?

If that's not what you mean, can you explain it differently?

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I also do not understand the OP’s last response.

It sounds like you could be making conclusions about which devices are directly connected to your hub using the zigbee map.

That map is prone to caveats and other issues that make it difficult to interpret correctly.

The bottom line is if your battery powered sensors stop working when your power is out (but your hub remains powered by a UPS), and then they start working again when power is restored, it’s very likely a mesh issue.


I am referring to the general light in the entire apartment, the circuit breaker, which makes my entire apartment turn off.

I may be wrong, but I would think that if your devices were talking via a powered repeater and you de-powered that repeater, it could take a while for the devices to reroute.

The issue is that it also happens with those who are connected to my hub and it shouldn't be like that.

Show us your zigbee map if you have one. What hub are you using?

This is the best Zigbee map option at this time.

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Is c7

What kind of UPS are you using for the C7? Even if there's just a very short power interruption as it switches to battery, that can be a problem.

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Just to clarify things now that we have more info. What you're saying is:

  1. You cut power to everything
  2. The hub is on a UPS so it stays on
  3. Battery powered Zigbee sensors that are directly connected to the hub no longer work

Is that correct?

The battery powered sensors in your Zigbee map that (at the time when you took the screenshot) appear to be these below -is that correct?

2024-05-04 15_59_28-Hub Talk, Unifi, HVAC, IT
2024-05-04 15_59_33-Hub Talk, Unifi, HVAC, IT
2024-05-04 16_00_00-Hub Talk, Unifi, HVAC, IT
2024-05-04 16_00_12-Hub Talk, Unifi, HVAC, IT
2024-05-04 16_00_17-Hub Talk, Unifi, HVAC, IT

yes that's how it is friend, now we don't understand hahaha

Just temporary power off your repeaters and see if your battery devices still work.
If they didn't work then we can assume they are using the repeaters.
If they work, now let your HE on UPS and see if they are still working. It's nothing magic about these stuffs. Just need time and test to figure what's wrong.
Zigbee is a mesh and it's not easy to understand. The graph is not always accurate. I also have an xbee3 and the graph is a little more accurate but still not a 100%

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