"Official" HomeKit integration


Is there any plans of an "offical" HomeKit intgegration? What I would love is a app to directly talk with HomeKit without the need of HomeBridge.

I just came over from Athom Homey and they have apps for direct connection :slight_smile:


I would welcome that too. Did you regret the change? I'm still considering which system HE or Homey

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Well, I have three systems running now, hehe. ST, Homey and HE. For now I can get allomst everything to work in Homey. (Even HomeKit Verisure alarm and controlling my Tesla directly). Still miss Google Home suport for Homey (In Norwegian). But really like HE, need to test a bit...

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Well ! I'm still waiting for my HE but also want a homey, how is the speed of the surface? Sorry the questions only in Austria is not much to learn in this regard and the Internet does not really see what.

Upvoting... +1,000

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Reviving this request after all the 2019 CES HomeKit devices and integrations with unexpected platforms (i.e. Sony, Samsung, etc.).

I also run HomeBridge thanks to the wonderful integration built by the community. It works great and I can't really complain, except that it's another point of possible failure. I've seen other platforms such as Homey and even Home Assistant seemingly build in support for HomeKit and with all the new momentum from CES behind it, I'm hoping that it might be possible for Hubitat to support this sometime in the future.


I think you've got it all in that one paragraph :smiley:
There's a solution available, that works well as long as you don't get aggressive in quantity of devices. I'm certain that Hubitat wishes they could have every integration, that is after all, what they've said.. "the premier home automation system" but with an adequate solution available and no adequate solution for so many other integrations (Lifx, Nest come to mind,) then I am not surprised that it's not actively being done... yet.

(Homebridge IS on the list of Naughty Apps because it has been known to slow a hub or require a reboot to cure. Yours and mine aren't in that condition, but I know I keep my list of devices as small as I can.)


True, but if it's on said naughty list and it has an ever growing ecosystem out there, it sounds to me like it would be a perfect candidate to build an App for!

Having said that, I didn't even know that homebridge was on the "bad" list.. it works terrific and Siri (as much as I dislike it) is literally instant when responding to commands as opposed to the very close Alexa and very distant Google Home.

"The Naughty List" is just an accumulation of symptoms. Hubitat Support gets calls, and patterns emerge, then a new release comes along and the patterns all shift. But eventually a subset of patterns emerge and what they've said is "I see you're running APP X, can you remove it as a test?" and when that is followed by: "Ok, I'm glad that solved the problem." the app gets added to the naughty list without additional digging.

The Homebridge (node.js server) plugin needs to be restarted when the list within the Homebridge App changes. Maybe Hub slow downs only occur when people change the list of devices and then do not click the "restart plug-in" option... it's the Mismatch that's causing the slowdown. (This is just me inventing a story, trying to use the clues I have as a user of Homebridge. )

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I wonder if apps that subscribe to many events and devices just put too much strain on the system.

I tore apart the the hubitat and stripped it down to just what I want (I pretty much do this with everything I add now) and it would subscribe to all supported events of any selected device. Some devices have multiple attributes to monitor. It can be heavy.

I looked at another blacklisted app as well and that had a similar situation.

That's my hypothesis.. yes.

It's somewhat nonsensical, given Link to Hub and Dashboard must do the same. So there has to be some undetected difference in the way that's done, that which was acceptable to a gargantuan cloud processor that isn't acceptable on a gig speed 4 core processor.

Using my hypothesis, I've chosen to NOT use iOS as a Dashboard (status watching) but as a "Controller" in the sense of only exposing things I want to tap. (I can't tap a sensor and have the tap do anything on Hubitat, so I don't need it in the Home.app.)

The only sensor I have is the Presence Sensor that is one and the same as the Presence switch. (Hybrid driver) I display those sensors on the Home page (favorites) of the Home.app and put the switch tiles in a room (I call it "whole house")

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I starting looking at Hubitat after seeing an ad hopeful it would provide integration with HomeKit but am disappointed at the lack thereof. I'm very familiar with Homebridge (I've run it on linux and macs to connect to SmartThings). While I appreciate the work done, it's not reliable enough. While HomeKit has been slow getting rolling, it's available on one of the most popular mobile platforms puts Hubitat as no better a solution that the Vera hubs.

I use Homekit as my front end for all my devices which are controlled by Hubitat.


I use homebridge on a pi along with some auto home automation stuff tied to HE. While built in app would be great I am one that has no issues with homebridge. I agree Apple got home kit right. Response time is crazy fast and always works.

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Hi! I'd love to know how? I currently am using SmartThings and HomeBridge to do so. I got in deep on HomeAssistant, but after updates killed devices on numerous occasions, I reverted back to my SmartThings Hub. I'm looking at Hubitat as a local solution because I don't feel like writing code and troubleshooting all the time. I'm very curious to your setup.

I expose only switches/dimmers and Fans to Homebridge. Plus one Door Lock and two Presence Sensors.

Only the things I feel I'll need to tap to "fix" something. I don't use it to debug, so I don't care to know about sensors, etc.

My homebridge server is a Mac Mini, but I had a day where that got broken and I quickly deployed a rPi while I got the Mini working right. I doubt it took an hour to get the rPi to run.

My primary use for HomeKit is presence sensor. Everything I need to have that work, gives me all the switches and fans 'for free'. :slight_smile:

If I had to review the last 100 times I used Home App, it would be a) to test that the latest edit, is in fact working, (30 times) and b) fighting with my kids to turn off their bedroom light because it's bed time. (70 times) :smiley:


Appreciate your response and like the way you think :joy: I ordered the hub, just want local but less time consuming then Home Assistant.


Hubitat is exactly that then.

After flipping a bunch of breakers today I really hope this comes one day.
All of my Homebridge device rooms reset again.
I thought I was past those days.

We lost power yesterday for about an hour and experienced the same thing. All my rooms favorits etc were reset in the Home app. Strangely the order of the buttons stayed the same. Real pain to set them all back again. Not sure why when I reset the hub and rPi separately this doesn't happen. Must have something to do with the order they boot up? I know the rPi boots faster than the hub and maybe that's what resets it? Never seemed to happen back when I was on Vera.

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