[Off-topic for Hubitat] Hue Devices dropped off Hue Bridge Zigbee

While it's off-topic for Hubitat, tons of people here have knowledge and experience I hope to rely on.

After a power outage, I have a lot of Hue lights, connected to Hue Bridge that are unresponsive. Except for rebooting, the only advice I found to reset/reconnect them is to change the Zigbee channel on the Hue bridge. It helped reconnect a couple of devices, but some are still unreachable.

Do you know anything I can do short of throwing them away?

I had a power outage yesterday... perhaps I have dealt with this previously....

Are your device connected / paired to a Hue bridge or a HE hub?

I had the same experience with Hue motion sensors a few weeks ago. Mine are connected direct to Hubitat. Usually reliable. A power outage of a few hours wiped them out. Eventually got them all back, but a PITA. A bunch of re-pairing attempts, etc. At one point, they would pair close to the hub, and then leave when placed in normal spot. This was on generator power. Utility power seemed to clear it up, but that might be a fluke too. Perhaps doing nothing would do the same. The battery backup failed, is why there was an outage. For something that's supposed to be resilient, it sure wasn't. You only see these things during an actual event, lol.

I wish it was the motion sensors; I know what to do (reset/repair to Hubitat), but I am talking about the lights connected to Hue Bridge. I'll add a clarification.

Hue bridge. I added clarifications in the post.

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The Hue lights reset procedure is guarded as a state secret or something; I almost had to go to the darknet to find it. What gives?

Anyway, here it goes: If your lights disconnected from Hue's Zigbee network (which happened to me a couple of times due to an electric outage), you can reset the lights using the following procedure of cutting and restoring the power to the lights (using the physical switch or an outlet the lights plugged in to):

  • Unplug for 5 seconds
  • Plug in for 8 seconds
  • Unplug for 2 seconds
  • Plug in for 8 seconds.

You'll probably need to do the cycle 3-5 times. Watch the lights when plugging them in. Eventually, they will blink white several times, confirming the reset.

Once they are reset, do the "Add lights" procedure as usual. Let it finish; although it will give an error "no new lights found," it will reconnect the reset lights.

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