Off/on? (for Hue linked devices)

I just linked 2 IKEA bulps to my HUE bridge and found them in HE. I created a roule, when one light comes on the other comes on aswell, and if I turn off the first light the other one turns off. It works great from Dashboard but if I turn on the first light with my HUE app the other light doesn't trigger. Why is that??
I'm brand new to HE I should say :slight_smile:
I also tried to link a IKEA motion sensor to the first bulb but then it showed up in the HUE app as unresponsive??

What I would like do accomplish is, when I trigger the motionsensor the first bulb (witch it is linked up to) comes on and via a roule turns on the other bulp too. Or is there another way to do it?


There is a delay usually in updates made in the Hue app showing up in HE. I recommend making all your changes in HE if you can. There is a setting in the Hue integration app for the polling rate for changes made in Hue. I would recommend setting that to 1 minute.


Hi again.
I finaly got it to work.. sort off. When one light turns on via the motion sensor the other one turns on some 30-40 sek later. Why is there such a delay? I tried to set the pooling rate to 10 sek for the changes made in HUE.
How do I get around this? Is every change in the HUE bridge bugged with this much delay? If so it's kind of useless.

The point of the integration is to control Hue from HE. If there are changes made in Hue that Hue doesn't report back to HE, there is nothing that HE can do about it. The fact that you are able to poll every minute to get those updates is at least something. As i stated, I would recommend making all changes in HE rather than Hue. Otherwise, I recommend you complain to Hue to make a change in their software to report changes back to integrations immediately.


Is the motion sensor paired to the Hue bridge or the HE hub?

I have Hue bulbs paired to a Hue bridge and triggered from devices paired to the HE hub that respond instantly. I have a Zwave button that I can repeatedly push fast enough that I can toggle a Hue light so that it flashes.

I think the problem is that HUE bridge reports back to HE ever so often, but too slow to my liking.

Is the motion sensor paired to the Hue bridge or the HE hub?

HUE bridge.

You could pair it to HE and then have all the automations occur in HE rather than in Hue.

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I'll try tomorrow. Do u know what option I should pick when it shows up in HE? There are a lot of brand names to pick from.

It should pick the right driver on it's own.