Oddity during system startup when querying MakerAPI

During the later parts of the hub startup sequence (once networking is up, but all system functions are not yet started) performing a HTTP GET on a MakerAPI app endpoint will return a HTTP 200, with no results in the body, but instead an "Your hub is starting up. Please wait..." html page body. Once the hub has completed its startup, the same request will return 200 with body results as expected. This makes it difficult to detect if there are indeed no results, or if the query caught the hub mid-reboot.

If you query the same endpoint during the shutdown sequence (before networking is taken offline), you get a 200 OK, but with a completely empty body.

This feels incorrect. Shouldn't the hub's webserver return a non success code until such time as the app tied to that endpoint is able to process the request and respond?


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