Odd Zwave routings

On a whim, I took a look at my Z-wave logs this morning. I was not having any issues, everything is working fine. Better than it has been in a while. AS I was looking at the logs, I noticed two devices each routing through each other, is that weird? Wouldn't that cause some kind of loopback?

The other weird thing is that the Ring extender is in the same room as the hub. That device it is routing through is in the back of the house.

Here are the rest of the details. As I said before after my big rebuild a couple of weeks ago my zwave (which has always been decent) is working better than it has in a while. I really brought this up to maybe help someone else who might see something similar and question it.

Z-wave Details

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My guess is that if you check in a couple/few days or week later, it'll be something else - maybe better, maybe odder looking.

But if it's all working fine, just ignore it.

I have a few battery sensors that occasionally have very odd routing (and routinely bounce between 40 and 100 on speed), and sometimes they connect direct. No rhyme or reason AFAICT, but they all work fine in all cases, so I just shrug it off.

Remember that nothing but madness comes from venturing down the ZW (or ZB) routing rabbit-hole too far, so proceed with caution :wink:

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Sometimes, with nothing better to do, I'll go down the list of device and try to 'tune them up' with a repair. Most times they'll report as being connected direct to hub at 100. I usually hit "Configure" and then refresh the Device page to see the improvement.

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Cached information may not be fully current.

I don’t think this is possible

I have always been of the opinion… If it ain't broke, don’t fix it :grin:


Typically I don't routinely look at the logs unless I have a particular reason to. The only reason have been recently is because I did that teardown and rebuild last week, so I am watching it a little more. I'll add that tear down actually had nothing specifically to do with Zwave or Zigbee (tore down both), but was the nuclear option to get my hub to a state where it would connect to home kit. I don't know what the specific issue was, even Hubitat couldn't figure it out. However tearing out both meshes and wiping the database fixed whatever it was. Healthier meshes was just a happy by-product of that process.

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No, when it hops through a device it does not follow the route that the hop uses, it has its own route.

So 06 sends a message out to the mesh and basically says, this is for you 08, and when you get it, send it to 01. Device 08 gets it, just changes the header info to point to the next hop and fires it back out again.

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Once upon a time I used to look at Z-Wave routing and worry about how weird it looked. But everything worked. Then I stopped looking at Z-Wave routing and it still worked fine. And I didn't worry about it.

Better not to look if everything is working.