Odd Weather Station question


I have a Acurite 5 in 1 weather station. It currently only has the Indoor Display but not the internet gateway. Among other thing I'm getting tired of having to Connect the laptop to download the data logger every few days.
So my question is is it possible to connect this to my home network or HE with something like Raspberry pi or xbee? It would be a whole new realm for me to dive into, so any suggestions would be welcome.


You would need the display that connects to a rPI running weeWX. Then use a custom app (search the board) to read the weeWX data in HE.

Hope this helps.


Yeah, that i basically what I have currently. I was looking to get away from the cord .. bu I guess I could do a rPI if that could be connected..


Since you already have the equipment, Bryan’s suggestion is the way to go and pretty much along the lines of what you were expecting. That will give you wireless freedom and you’ll be able to use the weather data to control things and for comparisons in HE.

I have a stand-alone AcuRite display with just a sensor for temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. No connection so I bought their $100 bridge. Then they discontinued the old bridge only about a year after I purchased it. I tried to get that connected through Weewx and with no success, I gave up and bought an Ambient Weather station that already had cloud access built-in for viewing via their dashboard and Weather Underground. It was a good choice, because the community then developed a driver that uses their API to bring the data into Hubitat. No Weewx or additional routers required.

Not a local solution, but if I ever want to use Weewx to make it a fully local setup, I already have it configured and ready to go. However, if you have the PC connect capability, getting Acurite onto Weather Underground and into HE is significantly simpler than I faced (and failed) with my old Acurite bridge.


So Would something like the Raspberry Pi Zero work for this situation? And I assume if it would I would need to install the Acurite PC Connect program on to the Pi?


I bought this one...

The only thing needed on the rPi is weeWX.