Odd Upgrade Notice Displayed

Saw the upgrade notice on one of my hubs stating that it could be updated to But when I went to the upgrade page it said the actual upgrade was to Seems like the message should be corrected to whatever is actually going to be the latest version.

I started on a second hub and noticed the same sort of thing (it said it could upgrade to and decided to get screenshots that time. Checked my remaining two and they were similar (one stated and the other but both are upgrading to

First is the notice displayed and the second is the actual update page after selecting available to download.
hub update1

hub update2

Are these browser windows that you have left open for a day or two?

It only checks for platform updates once a day, so you may be seeing yesterday's updates and not the ones published sometime today. It could take up to 24 hours to retrieve the latest update notification.

I would surmise that you are just a day behind updating.

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I opened the browsers windows "fresh", so it should not have been a delay or such. Even so, one would expect it to do a check on opening and get the latest info.

Which is why I figured I should let Hubitat know about it. Checking once a day would be fine if it notified the user some other way. But when it flags it upon entry I would expect it to show the current data not something up to 24hrs old. If I had left a window open or browser running then MAYBE I could expect it not to refresh)... but that was not the case here.

So the expectation is that it would have the latest. Especially with the recent many updates, that is more important than ever in my opinion. So the fact that it checks once a day and might be out of date is not really an acceptable solution. It is not a solution at all. It is just an explanation of the behavior.

I noticed something similar, but I think it was just a series of very rapidly-evolving updates rolling out over a few hours. I got the feeling that a couple of releases (maybe .128 and .129) resulted in "D'Oh! - Darn it!" moments that had to be fixed, but I've no real knowledge. The important thing, to me, is that the HE team can and does release "fixes" FAST, which I appreciate.

I totally agree with this. Hubitat is responsive with fixes and trying to help their users.

Which is why I brought this up. They are always looking to improve (from my point of view) and with the multiple releases in a short timeframe I thought they might want to know it shows up oddly.