Odd repeating event from Hub in logs

I have this ping happening every minute from AWS to an app that I no longer have installed so I have no way of knowing what it is.

Is there a way to stop these?

You'll have to make some guesses based on what cloud apps you may have recently had installed, but as it seems you've figured out, what's happening is that another system that used to communicate with this app on Hubitat is still trying to do so, but the corresponding Hubitat app has been uninstalled. The takeaway here, if it's not already apparent, is that the fix lies outside of Hubitat (though restoring an old enough backup, should you have one, may reinstall the app and let you know what it is if it comes to that).

That being said, I think you can narrow this down more easily than guessing about everything. The /ping endpoint could be used by any app that creates a "mapping" for it, but the most popular app I've seen on this forum that does it is HubConnect. So, I'd start with this: did you previously set up HubConnect between SmartThings and Hubitat (or two cloud Hubitats, I suppose) but leave it installed on the SmartThings side? That is one thing that would cause this to happen.


I currently have Hub Connect installed but I do some struggling with as an install that I vaguely recall involving a starting over. I'll dig into it and report back. Thank you for the pointer!