Odd problem. With Zigbee bulbs

For a few weeks now I have had a random problem where my Zigbee bulbs (cree, GE and Sengled) will randomly, and momentarily turn on or off outside of any rules or automations (if bulb is off it flashes on, if on it flasbes off). When I look at the logs, there are no events correlating to this Happening. Does anyone have any ideas what's causing this? Any suggestions how to stop it?

Cree bulbs, they are junk, sorry, but I had to get rid of them, or get a cheap Hue bridge and add the zigbee bulbs to it, the Cree are bad repeaters, moving them to Hue changes the protocol from ZHA to ZLL. You must reset the bulbs first before adding them to Hue. You will notice the difference. Sengled are good, they don't repeat, you can leave them on HE.

The problem isn't just with Cree, but all of the zigbee bulbs, GE and Sengled included. Eventually I'm planning on replacing all with Z-Wave, but it's going to be a while before I do that.
Interesting observation about Cree vs. Sengled. Until recently, I never had any issues with the Cree, including over 2 years with them on smart things, but I have had nothing but problems (difficult to get them to include, than wanting to drop off line frequently) with the Sengled, both on ST and HE.

You should try the cheap Hue bridge($15-$25), z wave bulbs are expensive and they don't work fast, I had a few gocontrol if I remember the brand correctly.

I'm not sure if this is related to your issue, but recently we had an ice storm that resulted in the lights flickering but no loss of power. During this period I observed my Shengled bulb (plain white bulb) turn on. I assumed it had something to do with power but it wasn't noticeable on the quartz light on my desk.

Other than this I've had no issue with the Shengled (I only have one).

Note: I only have one other Zigbee item, a Pearl thermostat.


I've got 3 Sengled bulbs that I see the same behavior from almost every day. It's never at just one time of the day and when I look at apps associated with these bulbs I don't see anything in those apps that would be causing them to turn on.

I also see smart Sengled bulbs in dumb switched fixtures that don't report their state accurate when the dumb switch fixtures these bulbs are in are turned on.

Hummm. Interesting. While I am having the problems on all 3 brands, I never had this problem when I had just the Cree and GE bulbs, it started after I added the Sengled bulbs to the mix. Maybe I should try removing the Sengled 's and see if that makes a difference?

@mpoole32 In my expeirence, this is very normal behavior for many smart bulbs. When powered on, the lights turn on to emulate the behavior of a dumb bulb. However, Sengled, Cree, and GE Link bulbs ( I have used all three) do not send a message to the hub that they have been powered on manually. Smart bulbs are supposed to be powered at all times to allow the Hub to control them.

@lcw731 - How long ago did you remove your Cree bulbs from SmartThings? There is a long thread in the ST forum about an over the air Cree Firmware update that screwed up the bulbs causing them to reset periodically. This results in the flashing. I wonder if the jacked-up Cree bulbs could be screwing with the other bulbs since the Cree bulbs are Zigbee repeaters. The Sengled bulbs are not Zigbee repeaters by design to prevent messing up the mesh network if they are powered off via a switch.

I have replaced all of my glitchy GE Link and Cree bulbs with Sengled bulbs that are paired to my Hubitat hub. They have been 100% reliable with no false on or off events. I do have ~5 Iris 3210-L outlets strategically placed throughout the house to ensure that I have good Zigbee repeaters nearby all of the lights and battery powered sensors.

@ogiewon I see in my Zigbee log how one of these Sengled bulbs does some sort of reporting the second a dumb switch provides power to it. Is that reporting unable to be seen by the hub in such a way to signal a refresh that in turn would reflect an accurate switch state?

Interesting... that would be good question for @mike.maxwell as he would have to modify the driver to catch this Zigbee data and then figure out how to update the status of the bulb.

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The Cree were the last to migrate, probably about two months ago. When I originally set up HUBITAT the GE and Sengled were the test subjects (primarily because when I was forced to the new app, they didn't work with it). Based on your comment, I'm considering just going all Sengled, at least until I can get the z wave bulbs in waiting for.

The cree bulbs are great IMO but there is a firmware update that they received which causes this issue. Happened to me when I moved from ST to Hubitat and the crees got the bad firmware

Simple email to Cree and they sent me out 6 new bulbs that have worked perfectly.

Am that would certainty be preferable to replacing them all at cost. Did you have show proof or any thing? Or just say they stopped working correctly when you switched platforms? Odd question, how do I see what firmware version they are running?