Odd joining of UZB stick...anyone seen this?

I joined my SilLabs UZB stick (7.17.2 FW) to my hub today to do a FW update of one of my devices as a secondary controller.

It joined, but then I could not find it in the Z-Wave Details page...was not there at the bottom of the page where recently joined devices always appear.

It was there on my Device page, looking normal. I reloaded my Z-Wave Details page a few times and still didn't see it. Then one of the times I reloaded the Z-Wave Details page I suddenly noticed it was there at the top of the page, the first device listed on the page.


I don't remember the UZB stick (or any newly joined or re-joined device) ever showing up anywhere but at the bottom of the Z-Wave Details page.

Any ideas on how/why this happened. Just seemed quite odd to me. Pinging @bertabcd1234, @erktrek, @rlithgow1, @bobbyD for any wisdom (and or abuse, as required). :wink:

Could this just be a sort issue? The page, by default, loads in ascending order. My experience is that node IDs increment by one from the last used value. Could you have just rolled back to the "beginning"?


I thought so at first, but it's sorted on device number...last device I joined to the hub is the iblinds at 229, and the two lights before it at 227 and 228...so not a sort issue as far as I can tell:

I didn't think the top number is 229, but maybe someone can confirm that for me...

229 is close to 232, so the radio likely used a free id.


Thanks, I guess it' s not my job to second-guess which ID the radio wants to work. Thanks for confirming the actual upper end... :slight_smile: