Odd issue with geofencing... radius is always gigantic on the map at all zoom levels

This definitely impacts my geofencing status. If I manually zoom all the way in, the radius is accurate around my house, and boom, it triggers the presence on my phone app object. So GPS works just fine as the center of the radius is right on point. It's purely a bug on the size of the radius.

My phone is running MicroG instead of the insane official Google crap, but this bug does not appear to have anything to do with the actual services... since it works functionally in all ways except the size of the bubble. Perhaps some small hook that kinda-sorta taps into that framework?

Anyhow, if there was a way to get this to work without that framework, it would definitely help the growing number of people who refuse to spoon-feed their entire lives over to megacorps. :slight_smile:

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