Odd IF statement behavior Rule 5.1

The error is the same for and
The rule:

The error:

The error only occurs when the condition is true.

What kind of variable is 'hvLrLightMode" ? A String? Could you show a screenshot of that particular action? Open Actions to Run, and click on Edit for that action. That's what I need to see.

Hub variable:

Is this what you are asking for?

OK, please show me the Settings portion of the App Status page (cog icon, upper right in the rule).

That's a lot of stuff. Is there a way to export this data?

Sorry, yeah, you could export the rule and email it to me.

Perhaps, remove this rule and recreate it, see if it still blows that error.

The recreation is working, I tried using the variable in the condition and also with the connector, both worked. Sorry for the red herring.

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