Odd HSM Behavior After False Alarm

I was out walking the dog this morning when I received notification on my phone that an intruder was detected. I could tell by the nature of the notification that it was most likely a false alarm. In looking at the logs later, Echo Speaks was throwing tons of error messages, probably because my internet connection was flakey. Plus a Zooz motion detector apparently lost its mind at the same time and saw a ghost. But that's not the weirdness.

One of the HSM intrusion triggers is motion detected on that Zooz motion detector while Mode is Away. If there is an intrusion, HSM will turn on all of the lights. One of the lights — Reading lamp — will be set to red color. There have been false alarms a time or two in the past. And, sure enough, I've come home to find all of the lights on, and the one lamp set to red.

This time when I came home, all of the lights were off. The logs show that the lights were turned on. When I arrived back home, all of the lights were off. And, the logs show that as soon as mode changed to Home, the lights were turned off. This evening I turned on Reading Lamp, and sure enough it was red. So it was turned on and set to red while I was gone.

But... what the heck turned the lights off? That's the weirdness.

I don't have anything set in HSM that would turn them off. There are no rules for returning home that turn them off. I'm really baffled by this.