Occasionally stays as "Arming Away"/"Arming Home" when using keypad


I was wondering if anyone has seen an issue where Hubitat Safety Monitor stays as "Arming Away" / "Arming Home" and doesn't change to show Armed status when activating by the Centrallite 3400 Keypad?

It appears that in the backend the status is changing, as even though it says that - all Rule Machine rules continue to run, as well, the alarm functionality continues to work properly. However, the status itself does not change on the App within Apps overview, or when actually opening the Hubitat Safety Monitor app main page (the top banner says "Arming Away" or "Arming Home").

This is inconsistent, but regular. The interesting part is that I've never seen it happen when Arming/Disarming via the web interface.

Yes, I have seen that. Same symptoms and same results, and also with “Arming Night”.

Have you found any rhyme or reason to it? As well, have your results been the same where it continues to function in the background without issue? I can probably deal with it for now if it's working properly, just displaying incorrectly.

I have a 3400-G. It does seem to function in the background without issue - the system arms as expected, and the alarm goes off when intrusion is detected.

I have not started using tiles on a tablet or dashboard for HSM status, although that will be the next thing I try after I can get Nyckelharpa working correctly again.

Add me to the list all of a sudden today my system will arm all by itself. I paused the rule I have that controls it all no false triggers. Diffentely in the keypad.

mine also mostly always say "arming" not "armed" i dont use a keypad, but it seems to be working.