Occasional ThermostatOperatingStateReport not properly processed

I have a custom device handler for my CT100's, which worked well in ST and it's working well now on Hubitat. But I have noticed in the logs these occasional messages output as part of the zwaveEvent(hubitat.zwave.Command cmd) catch-all function:

Unexpected zwave command ThermostatOperatingStateReport(operatingState:0)

The DH does have a zwaveEvent(hubitat.zwave.commands.thermostatoperatingstatev1.ThermostatOperatingStateReport cmd) function, which gets usually invoked when the devices report their operating state.

Any idea about why occasionally the message ends up in the catch-all function - even if it seems to know that the command is a operating state report?

I would need to see the driver code, also we have support for the 101 and 100 in our generic zwave thermostat driver, have you tried that?, and if so why did you switch it out?

I did try it; the driver I've been using (for ever now, as I used it also in ST) has a better battery management, it sets clock regularly, and it pulls "advanced information" only on a longer interval.
The driver is here.

It's possible it's coming in as an encapsulated command, I noticed when you parse that, you don't specify v1 of the ThermostatOperatingState:

def encapsulatedCommand = cmd.encapsulatedCommand([0x30: 3, 0x31: 3])

Are you suggesting adding a 0x42: 1 there? I'll try that.


How often does your driver poll the thermostat? I had to setup a refresh RM as my CT100 as the thermostat with the generic driver doesn't always report when it starts or ends an operating state (e.g. cooling or heating).

I have an app which manages each of the thermostats, and it polls the devices every 5 minutes. Which is why in my driver code I have logic to request some values (like battery level) only every X minutes or hours - to minimize battery consumption.

@mike.maxwell. It would be really cool to have a clock push and a decimal added to the temp read. The CT100 I have reads in .5 increments, so to see that on my dashboard would be great.

Updating this since there is now a built in CT101 DH. Called: Radio Thermostat CT101

working well so far