Occasional Slow Response?

Thanks to my external antenna, almost all of my devices are connected direct to my HE. And most of the time, the response from my devices is sub 1 second. However, about 10% of the time, my battery operated (motion, switch) devices will take about 5 seconds to respond. This usually happens when the HE should otherwise not be doing anything (day, evening).

Why do my battery operated devices sometimes take much longer to act???

Is it just the specific device make/model of device?
Is it because HE tries to optimize/repair/test the Z-Wave mesh every night, and this changes the previous fast routing of these devices?
Is it because the HE is actually busy mining Bit Coins in the background and doesn't want to be disturbed? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Depends on the device type, with Zigbee generally faster than Z-wave devices. Could be a mesh issue.
Please list your specific devices that are slow.

I am not an expert but that won't stop me from chiming in. I have the same issue sporadically.

This is what I have done before.

  1. I stopped connecting all devices to outside apps like Sharptools and Alexa. I used to connect everything just in case. On occasion I would see a string of communication with these apps between motion and action in the logs. Now I just connect the devices I want to control or monitor.

  2. I turn off debug logging unless I am actually debugging.

  3. I limit log history to 11. This is discussed extensively elsewhere.

  4. I have found that occasionally a Zigbee motion sensor battery will be very low even though the app says it is 50% or even 100%. Replacing the battery helps.

It still happens.


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