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I don't have hubitat I moved on because my hub kept dying every 2 weeks or so. In the end I uninstalled all custom smartapps which were Tado (even though I ported Netatmo I never used it personally as I already had this directly on my Homeseer server)

I then only had 10 ish ZigBee devices and some rules in place and it still died to a point where I had to factory reset. At which point I sold it. And now use a conbee stick for my ZigBee devices which works with my Homeseer server and now I've created a native Tado plugin for Homeseer box I no longer have a need for another platform like smartthings or hubitat.

What the guys have done is impressive to stand up hubitat. But my experience was that it just wasn't reliable enough. I found that reliability with Homeseer and haven't looked back since. Although you do pay a premium for it.

@JDogg016 maybe you need to take the hit and uninstall for a duration and see if improves the situation.