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Any love on this?


Ohhh @Fuzzyligic awesome !!


@Fuzzyligic did you ever run into a way to open a webpage in groovy ? Seeing that HE is webbased I need to open a tab or window to enter info.

BTW this is not related to NetAtmo but a new app.


No I didn't.



In ST i have the weather station abd respective modules.
I also have the handler for health coach.
Would there be a handler also for home coach?


@Fuzzyligic. Do you run the Netatmo App? If so, has it caused your Hub to lockup/crash?

I’ve had issues with my hub (for a while) and HE Support seems to point to the netatmo app.


Fuzzy left hubitat platform, so he is not supporting it anymore.

I had in the past some issues (hub slowing down) that were also pointed to be caused by the Netatmo app.
As I can't stop using the app as I used to monitor CO2 and noise levels I never end up to remove it or tweak it in anyway.
Regardless my hub slowing down stopped and is working fine for a few weeks after I reboot it, the only changes that I did in the between are in my opinion unrelated (RM rules and dashboard) so until today I'm not sure why my Hub was acting Wierd. But was not the Netatmo app or at least not by itself.

We definitely need someone to proper integrate the Netatmo suite into HE.
In ST even the facial recognition of Netatmo Welcome is already being used.

I have Netatmo Health Coach and Netatmo Weather Station.


Sigh. I do recall seeing your post a few weeks back. We may be the only two using Netatmo on the platform. This may not be very promising.


I doubt that we are the only two.
But we are very few. Keep in mind that EU users are very little in the platform and the biggest Netatmo market is in Europe.


The problem with Netatmo and some other platforms will sometimes involve the Netatmo cloud going down.

The challenge I have with HE is that support will tell me my hub is throwing errors but will not provide any detail on the errors and I cannot see the errors.


That's the big difference between the cloud and local processing.
In local process all the resources run at the local hub level with cloud, like ST, the resources run at cloud level and as such resources constrains are not visible to you as they have multibalanced infrastructure that will adapt to platform needs.

I do agree that users need more powerful diagnostic tools to understand what's eating the resources.

One thing that I would think could be a solution would be the use of containers at local processing level. One container for system, another for system apps and drivers, another for custom drivers and apps.
This will not be possible however with Hubitat as it would imply a full redo of the platform as far I understand because HE runs on a single JVM instance...


I was thinking something much more simple within the actual Netatmo app. If something in the cloud causes the netatmo app to stop responding which, in turn, causes HE to lock up/crash. Then find that issue and simply stop the app from processing as often as it does.

I don’t know... and frankly I am not 100% certain Netatmo causes my hub to stop.


I use it with no issues.


Ugh!!! Then why does my hub die every 4 days.


What apps drivers you have installed?


I had problems with a poorly ported harmony connect. Once I removed it my hub did much better.



The only one besides Netatmo that you have that are custom similar to mine is Device Watchdog.
Which version of Device Watchdog you have?



This problem preceded I watch dog app


You better update that. It has multiple versions after.