NYCE Tilt Sensor

Anyone know where I can find one of these for sale? I'm in need of a zigbee tilt sensor and I can't seem to find any.


If you can't find a Nice you can always use the Smart thing multi sensor.

I think they sell more to the installer market, your local Control 4 dealer might be able to bring on in for you.

That wasn't an option for me, and I needed their Curtain Sensor for my 14 year old dog, as it's a Canadian company they were gracious enough to sell me one directly.

I did the very easy hack where you take an EcoLink contact sensor and add a simple mercury switch (from eBay) and away you go!

Ecolinks are nice because internally they have some wire terminals you can use..

Edit 1: Just realized they are Z-Wave+ so maybe not what you were looking for.

Edit 2: (after coffee :coffee: ) - also there is the EcoLink Tilt sensor (also ZW+). I do not have experience with this one but it promises up to a 5 year battery life.. and "gold plated" reliability whatever that is.. :laughing:

Thanks, yeah that's what I have now. Wanting to go Zigbee for better reliability. I've got a better zigbee mesh for where this is going. Now if I could find a zigbee contact sensor that I could modify with the mercury switch that might work.

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NYCE has (proprietary) C4 and (standard) zigbee versions of their sensors. So if going this route, make sure the C4 dealer understands you are not looking to purchase the C4 version, since it won’t work with Hubitat.


Have you considered converting a zigbee leak sensor into a tilt sensor using the tilt switches that @erktrek linked to?

Leak sensors have external contacts. I made a outdoor contact sensor for my mailbox using a Xiaomi leak sensor, but there are other sensors that are more hubitat-compatible, unlike Xiaomi gear.


That is a clever idea! :1st_place_medal:

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Still waiting for the coffee to kick in, but my foggy brain says that I read about a new tilt sensor recently. It was either just added to HE, or maybe it was announced by Amazon for Alexa?

It was Zooz - 2.3.0 has a driver ready for a soon-to-be-released Zooz tilt sensor (and same for a coming Zooz temp/hum sensor too)

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