Nutone light bulb

just got some nutone light bulbs nlb60z says they are a repeater also the hub sees the bulb but I cant control it nether on or off or the dimmable part of it has any one had any luck with these

A z-wave bulb. Don't see many of them. Most are zigbee. What driver are you using?

you will have to bare with me im pretty new to this looking at the device on the hub im not seeing driver

It will be a drop-down below the word Type.

its just in as device I tried generic zigbb bulb I didn't see onr for generic zwave bulb

Generic zwave dimmer should work, we don't have a driver for a zwave color temp adjustable bulb, that's a bit of an odd duck.

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looks like that did the trick thanks a lot their going for about 14 bucks on ebay one of the cheaper options that I found

Looks like NuTone has some HA items, including their own hub:

Shucks. Seems they DID.

DID is right, looks like they shut down a little while ago, good catch.

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