Number of new posts has exceeded my reading ability

WOW! The recent of influx of users has created more new posts than I can read!

For me its bittersweet. More participants is a great thing. Growing - learning - expanding. But for me there is a certain "feeling" one gets in a new smaller community that will be missed.



I would also like to take this opportunity draw attention to the search button in the top right corner. A useful tool, but it seems some new users might not be aware of it's existence. :thinking:


There's also this button "Dismiss New" :wink:

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Be nice if we could have some sort of saved filter section.. although I just haunt the "latest" area for the most part sometimes "unread".

I am. It's actually a legit use. Scan through and see what's hit at the top and new. Then dismiss because I don't think you're going to actually read through every one of them are you? Then replies to any of them filter them back up to the "latest".

When I'm away and I come back and there's 20-30-50-100 "new" I scan the first page hit dismiss new... then I check the unread stuff that I've posted in and then I watch the "latest" and see what bubbles up....

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A new problem (I have) is with "unread" posts now.... with the influx of so many new users they are posting on threads that are really old but I'm still "following" so I'm getting all kinds of weird old stuff showing up and I'm having to un-check them :slight_smile:

I subscribe via RSS... so I get to see all the new posts of questions that have already been answered in the forums. :frowning:

If I like a thread I subscribe to it.

Sometimes I subscribe to threads with a heavy debate just for the entertainment aspect. (I really need sports to come back soon. )


There's an RSS feed? Where can I find it?

Just spend more hours on the forum :rofl:
Must. Work. Harder.


The browser usually shows the rss feeds at the top when I'm on a page... I can't remember if that was a plugin though. The link below should give you the latest topics.


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That's been not as entertaining as of late. NOT that I'm complaining. :wink: