Null error on (method allHandlerX)

this used to work then it stopped any help/guidance would be appreciated

It appears to be associated with the delay. I'll look into it. Almost certainly a bug.

What release are you on? Settings / Hub Details

I setup a rule like yours, and it doesn't throw the error. That's why I need to know what release you are on.

Platform Version

Hardware Version

Rev C-7

this used to work but stopped. maybe it is when one of the updates occurred.


Could you post a screenshot of the top portion of Application State from the App Status page. Only a single screenshot is needed, as the list is alphabetic and I want to see the A's.

sorry but I am not following what you want. i am fairly new to this stuff but liking it for sure

this maybe??

Pretty sure he is asking for the screen that shows up when you click this little gear shaped icon in your rule.

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ok thanks

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It appears to me as though that rule has become corrupted. Please remove it (or pause it, or disable it), and create it again from scratch. I bet you that will work.

thanks, i will recreate and test tonight

All good after recreating. Actually created using the button app this time


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