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From reading previous forum posts, HE C7 sets its internal clock using Network Time Protocol accessing Google’s NTP servers. The NTP Client driver (NTP Client / Local NTP Server support) provides setting the clock from another device, such as a LAN-based NTP server. Both the native C7’s NTP request and the driver can coexist and run in parallel. Is the proceeding still correct? (Most of the info I found on this topic is 1+ years old.)

Also, I installed the above driver using the Hubitat Package Manager and specifying the URL of the package path to its packageManifest.json file. I had to use the URL of the raw code (on github.com) to install the driver, otherwise I received an “Invalid Package File“ message. Do I use the raw URL when installing any packages – drivers and apps?

(HE Rev C-7 firmware version

The topic is still valid. If you go to the Drivers Code tab and Add a new driver you can then select Import and paste the raw link into the URL and click okay when prompted it will install the code. You’ll still need to go the Device tab and add a new virtual device using it.


Thanks @thebearmay, that’s exactly what I did.

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