Now that wink is going under

Wink 2 hubs are $30 locally. Is there any reason to buy them? I know it has awesome hardware, is there a possibility we can piggyback those? Maybe turn h.e into a Bluetooth device?

I sort of hope not.. I just sold mine.

When Lowe’s dumped the iris platform, I believe they released the source code. If wink were to do something similar, I guess anything is possible.

Edit: possible but not necessarily likely. It could be a $30 brick for a long time, possibly forever.


Hater :stuck_out_tongue:.. I’ve been buying them for months for $40 and selling them on eBay for $150


Nice. I hadn't realized there was a demand for them like that.

The lack of support became concerning to me a year ago, because it was becoming so limiting in expanding the functions of my home... so glad I switched out. But, it was a good system, stable, pretty quick and easy to work with.

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I sold mine too for a surprisingly more than I expected.

Sad that Wink customers know how to profit from their product better than Wink themselves lol


Wink to MQTT
wink-mqtt/ at master · danielolson13/wink-mqtt · GitHub

Seems to be more interest in the hub 1 rooting than 2. Also Wink has the most antennas of any commerical hub, which makes it so desirable.

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VeraSecure has Zwave, Zigbee, Bluetooth, Wifi, and VeraLink (a proprietary 433mHz channel) (really cheap 2 gig devices)

But that platform IMO is far from desirable.



Wink has six:
Bluetooth LE, ZigBee, Z-Wave, WiFi, Kidde, and Lutron Clear Connect.

There are many posts from Wink users trying to connect their Kidde and Lutron to other hubs when they switch and it is like sorry no one else carries those antennas.

Wink would be awesome if it could be rooted easily and connected to another hub.


Would that lutron radio remove the need for that expensive h8b?

Lutron licensed Clear Connect to Staples (Via DLink and Zonoff) and Wink. Hubitat said they attempted to get a license for the C-5 but with such underwhelming results from Staples and Wink, they are refusing to license. Another clue might be that when Wink and Staples were building their Hubs, Lutron didn't yet have the SmartBridge. Now that they do, their license reaction may be related more to loss of their own sales.

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I read something about having to reset the Wink Hub 2 remotely through the company in order to resell them if they are linked to your account. Is that true?

I really wish I could use those antennas — would’ve save me some cash from having bought a Lutron Bridge Pro and could make a very nice repeater...