Now that pico's have double tap

I'm having problems with the new double-tap feature.
1 - On a 5-button remote, there doesn't seem to be a connection between the feature and any particular button. Is it a double-tap on any of the 5 buttons?
2 - I had button 2 programmed so that tap 1 -> 50%, tap 2. -> 60%, tap 3 75%, and tap 4. 80%. These settings no longer work because the 2nd tap on button 2 is trapped by the new double-tap feature (which is currently not set to anythin) so it is ignored.

These changes are not helpful.
Is there a way to disable the new double-tap feature?
What was its intended use anyway on a 5-button remote unless there is a separate double-tap setting for each of the 5 buttons?

Thank you
Dan Essin

Use the "Lutron Pico Legacy" driver.


They brought the old driver back as a legacy driver - go into your device and change the type from pico to pico legacy.

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Thank you