Notify which is open help

so I have the below rule it dose what I want less I want it to tell me which window is open, its currently telling me the key contact is closed

The trigger is only for when the Office Key closes. %device% (Office Key) and %value% (closed) are tied to the trigger and will not apply to the windows.

For this, unfortunately, I personally don't know of a way to use the variables to notify you that the windows are open. You would have to create a separate If statement for each window and have those send separate notifications. Maybe someone with more RM4 knowledge than I could help make it more efficient.

Originally thought I could do it via notification app, but couldn't see a way

Maybe populate a RM global variable with open windows (and remove them when closed) and use that in a notification when the Office Key closes?

Yeah, definitely think you're gonna need RM for this one.

Don't worry, some RM4 expert will come and answer you in no time. I don't have it installed so I can't experiment...

I just wrote a small app to do this for me (doors were my intent, but windows would certainly also work):

If you don't want to use custom code, that post also contains a screenshot of a rule this replaced. As noted above, %device% and %value% refer to the triggering device, so the best way I've found to do this with RM is manually building a string using a series of conditionals (here, "Speak Lock Status" is a virtual momentary-ish switch I turn on when I want this announcement):

I don't see why the suggestions above wouldn't work, either; this is just what I happened to use myself. As you noted, the Notifications app won't work--that's more meant to respond to specific events, not evaluate specific conditions on demand.

Either way, there's a reason I wrote the app (I didn't like the other ways). :slight_smile:


Use the notifier app instead, much easier than using RM to notify of things being left open.

I created one notifier of "X minutes" and have multiple contact sensors in that one rule. It accurately tells me when a contact has been left open for X minutes

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