Notify me in the morning if I caught a mouse during the night

Hello gurus,

I use a Xiaomi door/window sensor to notify me when my mouse trap gets activated. It works great. The problem is that the mice are active during the night and I prefer to get notified in the morning. I can't figure out how to do this with rule machine.

So if I catch a mouse at 3AM I want to get the notification at for instance 9AM

Any ideas?

Blue Skies,

I would do a timed event trigger.

Trigger: Time is 8AM

Actions: IF mouse sensor is Closed Notify Phone "Mousetrap %device% has been triggered"
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I suggest breaking it into component pieces.. you need to 'capture' the 3am events and then at 9am check the 'capture'.

For example, you can create a virtual switch... turn it ON with the Mouse Trap.

Then at 9am, look at the state of the virtual switch, Notify if On and turn it off, ready for tomorrow.

You could give this a try. I have not tested it.

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    Contact closed

    If time between X and Y then
        Wait for time is Y
    Notify "Got one!"

Thank you! The rule is up and running. :smiley:

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I love that you are using this to 'build a better mouse trap' :rofl:

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Ok, I have to ask, do you have a pic or diagram of how you're doing this? My only thought is half the contact on the metal arm that slams down, and the other half on the wood, but it would seem to me that the snapping action would break something (other than the mouse)...

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