Notifiers Won't Work with Twilio

I have two temperature sensors for my fridge/freezer. They report temps just fine via Zigbee. Recently my fridge compressor died so I figured it was probably worth setting up notifications to avoid what happened a week ago.

I've set up a Twilio SMS account and created the virtual device and tested it there and it sends SMS just fine.

I went into Notifier and set up two alerts. I've set the Freezer to notify when any temperature above 0 is seen, and fridge above 40. I feel like I've set them up right, but they never trigger. (Currently the compressor is gone and will be replaced soon, so both sensors are reporting 70F since they are room temp)

Any reason why they wouldn't trigger?

Thanks for any helpful pointers or advice!

They will only notify when the temperature changes. If they have been at a steady 70F since you've created the notifiers, there's no event that can be used as a trigger.

Also, FYI, I have sensors in my freezer and fridge. If you have a frost-free freezer, it will definitely rise above 0F during its normal cycling. Mine warms all they way up to 20F before going back down again. Something to possibly consider.

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Thanks for that! The freezer I usually set at 20. I was just playing with numbers trying to trigger it. Ironically after reading this post the freezer triggered (it’s 87F here so both sensors are 87). I have hubitat reading temps every hour so I’ll see if the fridge triggers.

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