Notifier sending endless notifications for HubMesh device

Hi, I'm using notifier to send a message when Garage Door is opened or closed. Garage Door is on a different hub connected via HubMesh. Notifier is sending the txt notification every 2 minutes even when nothing has changed.

Want to say the 2 minutes is the default mesh sync; as to how to get around the issue can you run the notifier from the hub that the device is on?

Well I coullllld, but that would sorta cramp my organizational mojo. Seems to me like it shouldn't be happening - I can test with some other contact sensors and see if I can narrow it down.

Yeah, getting the same issue with all meshed contact sensors sending unwarranted notifications.

Did I find a bug? :trophy:

If not a bug certainly an unintended side effect...

I think if you manually open all the doors and a valid state is sent, the spamming will stop. At least thatโ€™s what I found.

its a feature! discussed it over here:

and he is working on a remedy.