Notifier Request

Is it possible to add a Device Type to be Power Source? Wanting to get notified when power is out and devices are on UPS. Particular device is a Ring Z-Wave Extender, but I assume other devices have this capability, too.

I assume you are looking for the transition to battery power on the Ring Z-Wave Extender to trigger your Rule?

In Rule Machine, this can be done by using one of the devices’ custom attributes as the trigger:

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You can also use "power source" as a trigger, no need for custom attribute.

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I'm aware of these. I was hoping for the attribute be added to Notifier. Simple rule, simple tool.

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If you're looking for device name, simply put %device% in the notifier text. Or am I reading wrong what you're trying to do?

@jameslslate is wanting Power Source capability added to the stock Notifications app for the “What kind of device do you want to be notified about” input.

It doesn’t exist today and I would agree would be a useful addition. @bravenel

Would also be useful to add Power Source to Basic Rule too.


It could be done with notifier and the ring v2 extender using battery level as trigger...<100 should work... I can probably test on mine.

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