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Any chance you could consider adding “Visual Notifications” to the existing “Text Notifications” and “Audio Notifications”? I would like to have my Inovelli Switch LED Bar show visual alerts based on using this simple Notifier App instead of via Rule Machine. Maybe others would like to trigger a Light?



I'll second this because my hearing is going so fast and there's not much left. I haven't acted on your idea yet but soon I'll have to.

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"Notifications" to Hubitat usually means mobile device notifications, text-to-speech, or related things that implement the same capabilities (SMS via Twilio, Pushover, and a variety of community integrations). I know Inovelli happens to call this feature the same thing, but that's more or less semantic overloading. :slight_smile:

What driver are you using for the Inovelli? You might be able to do this without Rule Machine. If you're using Inovelli's drivers, you create child devices with pre-set settings for each notification. These child devices are just (basically virtual) switches you can turn on/off to start/stop the notification, so an app like Simple Automation Rules (formerly Simple Lighting) would work just as well for that--e.g., turn on this notification of there is motion or whatnot. I experimented with writing a custom driver that treated the notification LED (and default and off LEDs) like bulb/dimmer devices you could customize with more or less standard commands, which also makes it possible to use with Simple Lighting, this time without having to pre-configure the notifications.

If you're using Hubitat's built-in driver, then the only way to use the notification LED on the Inovelli is via a custom command. The Inovelli devices are the only ones I'm aware of where Hubitat has implemented a command with this name, and it's not part of any "standard" device capability (these are what get you the well known commands like on, off, set level, set color, etc.).

My opinion is that owing to all of the above, Hubitat is unlikely to implement this device-specific feature in a standard app. So while the request may still stand, my suspicion is that you'll have to keep using RM (feel free to ask for help if you need it!) or Simple Automation Rules if that already happens to be possible for you. It would probably be pretty easy throw together a community app that did something similar, though. :thinking:

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