I have not been able to send a notification text to my cell phone. My phone does show up as a device but I can see no way of entering a phone number to send the notification to. Anybody got any suggestions.

HE only natively supports push notifications (i.e. SMS is not supported), therefore no phone number needed as it is looking for a device to push to. If you have the app loaded on your phone, and the phone is a designated device for notifications you should be alerted according to the preferences you have set on the phone.

How does it locate the device ?

By the way no data on my phone.

The app “phones home” using the quickest data path if you have given it the proper permissions.

That's not a built in app is it ?

There are a few community apps that allow the hub to email out - a properly formed email will hit your provider’s SMS gateway and generate a text message to your phone.

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Can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

SMS is supported through the stock Twilio driver however you do need to sign up for a paid Twilio account. $1 or so a month for a phone number and each SMS is less than a penny so very minimal.

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I managed this with sharp tools to send warnings of leak detector via email and SMS. Messaging does require the paid subscription.

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