New user here. I am trying to set up some notifications. When I got to to tools>notifications on the app I get the following popup "Error: Deviceld F27D...... not registered to email address

This is the same I registered for everything else with the Habitat.

Notifications are created in the hub’s web UI, not directly in the mobile app’s “notifications” screen. That’s where they’ll show up when the mobile app on your phone receives notifications.

But to confirm the app was setup correctly on your phone, is there a virtual device in your hub’s devices page (again, in the web UI, not the mobile app) named for your phone that was automatically created when you logged into the mobile app on your phone the first time?

Looks like the phone device was never created. I deleted the app and restarted my phone. After reinstating it showed up.


logging out of the app and logging back in does the same thing

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