Notifications with vibrate?


I have spent over a month with Hubitat and have transitioned over 60 devices over from Vera and have more working now and far better reliability than after 2 years monkeying with VeraPlus. The only hangup for me is I used to use Growl for door/motion sensors which I could leave on vibrate while at work. With Pushover, I am pretty sure there is no vibrate option, which is a showstopper for me and what I use notifications for, e.g. when the dogs ring the bell+vibration sensor to ask to be let into the back yard to do their duty.

Am I missing something, is there a way to get vibration alerts with Pushover or can Hubitat be set up to use Growl, which seems to have better (i.e. more) options for notifications including vibrate?

Specifically, Growl has 'vibrate only' option so one can leave their phone ringer on at work to receive calls but only get vibrate notifications from house activity. Having Pushover beep while in meetings gets a bit distracting to some, apparently :wink:

Thanks if any ideas.


iOS? Because on Android it's pretty much a setting for every app to vibrate on every message or not.


With iOS (iPhone) go Settings, then Notifications and scroll down until you see the Hubitat app. Click on it, and you will see options for notifications.

Now go back to Settings, then Sounds and you will see sort of a master switch that controls all of the sounds & vibration. Make sure vibrate is selected,


Many thanks for the replies. Yep, I'm using iOS.

Per the reply above, for Settings|Notifications|Pushover, the following options exist:

Allow Notfications 0/1
Show in Notification Center 0/1
Sounds 0/1
Badge App Icon 0/1
Show on Lock Screen 0/1

then below once can choose if the alert persists or disappears after a few seconds.

But, nowhere, including by google-fu for a week of attempts, have I seen how to make Pushover vibrate on iOS. Of course many people use Pushover instead of SMS notifications because SMS is limited to a few notifications per day, and I am trying to monitor the house which has n>>10/day.

To clarify, one can switch their entire phone to vibrate and the 'sounds' emanated from Pushover notifications will indeed vibrate instead of produce a sound. But I'm seeking to set Pushover to vibrate yet keep my phone /not/ on vibrate since I need to receive phone calls during the day.

Maybe I am missing something, but I don't think Pushover can be set to vibrate-exclusive on iOS. Thanks if any pointers.


I think you answered your own question here. And might I add that this might also be one of the differences between android and iOS. iOS was meant to be relatively simple to serve a lot of people who don't want to go through a lot of settings but just wanted a device that works. Android on the other hand is more free in that perspective, but the downside is that you have a ton of config options.


Thanks for the reply, I think this is the answer. I just avoid google OS and accounts based on the privacy issues.

Is there a way to get Prowl notifications or similar working with Hubitat? It is more configurable than Pushover and therefore seems better to me. I could script everything on a pi or Xeon for that matter, but avoiding that time investment is why I'm trying a Hubitat.



That's ok with me. I don't like Google spying either, but I can't believe Apple isn't doing it too. Soo in the end it doesn't really matter what I use.


It is my understanding that the Apple business model is quite different than Google. I do not believe they are 'doing it too', at least with respect to the profitability based on mining and sharing of the fine details of interactions as is understood within the common knowledge of Google's operations. Not that there is anything wrong with that, as long as the users of Google products understand it occurs.