Notifications volume bug?

I have several notification rules using the built-in notifications app.
So far I have always used this to get notifications in the mobile app to certain events.

Now I have added the TTS functionality of my sonos speakers, to get a spoken notification in some cases.

What I have found is that when I recieve a TTS notification, the volume of the message is as set in the notifications app.
When a second notification occures, the volume is raised by the set ammount in the notifications rule.
This increases everytime until I reboot my hub.

In this example, i want a notification on my livingroom sonos cpeakers that my oldest kid has opened the door to her room.
The first notification: volume is set to lvl5
The second notification, volume is set to lvl10
etc etc.

If she opens her door ten times, you need hearing protection because op the loud volume.

Is this a know issue?
I can reproduce this in my prod-hub and my develop-hub.

This happens to me also with the Sonos integration.

I normally use notifications within RM so I just set the volume prior to the notification being sent.

So a know issue I think.
Anyone from @Hubitat_Staff that can confirm this?

This has been reported before, and I think this is the issue and possible fix:

Whether that is the intended behavior, I don't know. :slight_smile:

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Thanks - didn't notice that before.