Notifications: virtual or maybe physical pause button for several or individual motions

I've searched a bit and haven't really figured this out.

I have different motion sensors outside or in hallway/vestibule that are individually assigned to different notifications rules. Mostly notifications on or off at different times of day etc.

I would like, a virtual or physical button I could hit and shut off all notifications from them in whole, or maybe even a group or an individual one due to say we have company and kids, dogs are all over. Or just out in back yard for a while.

I currently go into the app and pause them. Then forget about them. Has to be a better way I imagine.

I can't figure out webcore, And am likely at the 8 year old child level of understanding some of the apps here, lol. Like at the "I can't get washer notifications working right level", lol

Don't really want to assign them through the HSM to a virtual button, but that seems manual for all functions.

Any thoughts? Thanks!!

What apps are you using to do the notifications now? There are built in "restrictions" in many apps that can do this, but the exact options depend on the app.

Thanks for the reply!

I am just using the "Notifications" app.

The motions are also used in the HSM, but I use the Notifications app for what I'm doing. I use restrictions like time, but I don't see more than that available. I just go in and hit pause, which is silly when I have to do several sensors, Minimally, I need to shut all the motion's notifications off easily.

Actually, even pausing all notifications for door contact sensors for when folks are in and out a lot would be nice as well, lol

I could use the MODE and use the HSM to control ALL off. So that's is a plus. But would like more granular if possible with say a virtual button, or even a physical one. I see disable by switch, but it doesn't list buttons, virtual or physical. I may be misunderstand this somehow.

You can't use a button per se, but as you discovered, you can use a switch:


For one thing, to be able to use a button, you'd have to have some way to un-restrict it with another button event, and that's not something the app offers natively. But you could create a virtual switch, plus some rule or other automation, to turn this switch o or off in response to those button events. And you can use different virtual switches for different Notifier instances, or the same for all, or some combination of the two.

Other built-in apps also generally offer some ability to restrict or modify their behavior, but something like this should work for Notifier given what it does offer natively.

Great, thank you. Pretty much what I envisioned could be done. At least I know I can, umm, potentially, do this. I wasn't getting anywhere and pondered maybe it was not a thing that could be done. Seems it would be sort of common request. But that's just me.

I'll sort out what you've said here and see what I can manage to think through. I'm a bit behind the Hubitat learning curve and things are slowly making sense.

Appreciate you taking time. Thanks!

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