Notifications via MS Flow

OK, maybe not the right group to put this into, but I'm not a developer really so I'll give it a try anyway. I have Office 365 which means I get Flow for free. I'd like to automate some emails around standard events, especially when I just set them up. Rather than use SMS for standard system notifications I thought I'd just have Office 365 or Gmail send me a mail when it's completed. Unfortunately Office 365 doesn't work unless you have an online mailbox, but Gmail works (probably outlook too but I didn't try).

I've been able to use Flow with the HTTP GET request to send notification emails out but I had to hard code the "To", "Subject" and "Body". That means one flow for each event (bummer). I want to use variables so I can just adjust those in the connection request.

HTTP Message Received
GET method

JSON Schema:
"type": "object",
"properties": {
"to": {
"type": "string"
"subject": {
"type": "string"
"body": {
"type": "string"

Connection String: of a really long url/paths/invoke?api-version=2016-06-01&sp=%2Ftriggers%2Fmanual%2Frun&sv=1.0&sig=PGRnumbersandsuchUX_1jD2andmoreZo

I chunked out some of the details just in case, but honestly I don't know where to inject the variables or even if I can. I'm missing something clearly, but as I said above I'm not a developer, just interested in learning, May not be able to do variables with a GET. It would be good to know that too... :slight_smile:

Let me know!

This is something that would probably require a custom app.

Bummer, I was thinking it was going to be a little easier than that. I will say it works fine hard coded. I use that JSON and just fill in the field for gmail.

You can use the native get request from RM want to set up the request as follows:

I was able to do that from rule machine. The only thing that might get you is the spaces. Your url will have to use "%20" instead of a space and I dunno if flow will know enough to swap them back. Also, you might have to add an access token into the url. Worth a shot though. This is what I had to do to use IFTTT to capture data.

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