Notifications to my iphone

I have been trying to have the hub send my text notifications to my phone if my sensors are triggered. I have it set up to my iphone in the notifications app and in rules. When triggered, it shows on my dashboard, but i don't receive the text notifications on my iphone. Any suggestions? I am a novice and learning my way so please be specific. Thank you all for all your assistance.

To get your mobile device setup for notifications, did you do something like this?

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I did, thank you and the hub does send notifications to the notifications app. Is there anyway to receive text notifications to my phone as I would receive regular texts as an alert? For free without using a 3rd party ?

Did you set Hubitat notifications to "on" in the IOS settings/Notifications (on your phone)? Not the same as an iMessage but may work for your needs.

i did. that would be great if it would work. I tried it, but no notification.

Text messages require a third party account such as Twilio.

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He's talking sms notifications. I would recommend pushover as it's more in your face. Hubitat itself doesn't support sms notifications. Instead it relies on push oauth notifications (as does pushover)

I am now trying to receive push notifications and have not been successful. I must be missing something in the procedure. I have it set up in notifications and on my Apple Iphone in notifications, but still can't get it to work. Can anyone please send me the procedure step by step? I followed the process from the Hubitat directions, but I probably missed a step or missed mitting the correct button somewhere. I really appreciate the community help!

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