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Is it possible to create a dashboard tile for a mobile presence device that you can click on and it will give you a freeform text box to enter a message you want to send to a user?

I am wanting a dashboard presence tile that leverages using push notifications in the mobile app. I understand how to send push notifications to the mobile app from Webcore with no problem. I would like a mobile presence device tile that has a popup option with an input field to send a push notification to another user or perhaps all users of mobile devices.

Imagine a popup like the HSM Status tile that lets you Arm/Disarm HSM in various modes, except that this would be for Hubitat user push notifications.

Has anyone done something like this?

You can do this using RM.

This is the rule I made. It's just set to send a message to my own phone, but you can create other virtual switches to send messages to individuals or a group based on your actions.

This is how I set it up on the dashboard. I can put in a message into the Variable String, save it, then turn on the virtual switch to send the message.


This is what showed up on my phone

Thanks for the screenshots. I think what you are doing is manually typing in the message into your variable "message". Then you are using the switch in the dashboard to initiate sending the contents of that variable as a notification message.

I want the user to be able to tap a tile and have it pop open a text field they can type into. Having them create a variable by hand or type into a field while editing a device is more of a manual operation and not what I would expect out of a program.

As an example, if you tap an "HSM Status" tile, it pops open a window that lets you choose from many options on how you want to arm or disarm HSM. I'd like our tile to have a popup that simply allows a freeform text field for the message you want to send.

I'm able to tap the tile and enter any message

Remind me again what the driver type that you are using on your variable string message in your screenshot?

It's not a device, it's the connector to the variable in the rule

Very interesting. I am new to Rule Machine. Normally I create all my automations in Webcore. I see how this works, but what is a "connector" exactly? It looks like it creates a way to stash the value of a variable into a tile.

Is there an equivalent Webcore way to do this? The reason I ask is because I would better understand the concept of a "connector" if I understood this in Webcore. The only "device" your example creates is a simple virtual button. I now see that I can click on the "string variable" tile and type in anything that I want. When I press the button, it fires the trigger to send the notification which is the contents of the variable which somehow got assigned from the tile. I am going to say that must be the function of the connector.

a connector is used to connect a rule variable to your dashboard. it can be used to show values so you can see information, or you can input information like in this case.

i'm not familiar with webcore, so i'm not sure what the equivalent would be

The power, flexibility, and reliability of Hubitat just amazes me. I can't believe I struggled in SmartThings for six years. I absolutely love my HE and y'all in this community are just awesome!

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