Notifications quit!

Android 12 latest app version

They just suddenly stopped working! I re installed the app and still dont work.

going to the app under tools I can SEE test notifications that I sent but they aren't "notifying" me. I have also checked that they are allowed.

update: my wife is also not getting notifications. I restarted the hub and it still is not working

I am having the identical issue, @bobbyD can help?

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I wonder if AWS is involved because there are issues with AWS today…


I ALSO noticed there was some errors logged for Echo Speaks. Im thinking this is a cloud issue.

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My notifications were working fine this morning. I also just realized my echos are not working either.

My echoes were working and then they quit but I checked just before I left the house to head back to work and they're working again but notifications still are not.

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Same here. Last notification per my phone was 14 hours ago but they show up in the app history.

Same here slow to get then like 30 to 60 minutes later they all come at once...

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Roughly same time frame here too. However, I JUST got some coming through. Hopefully they continue.

I've had this issue for a few weeks. Most seem to be delivered but very late, an hour or more after the event.